There are a couple things you can do before placing a copier service call that can save you money. The first one is to reboot the copier similar to what you do with your cell phone or PC. This often works.

First, turn off the copier with the button you normally push on the control panel.  Then find the main on/off switch.  This could be inside the cover or on the outside near the bottom of the copier.  Each manufacturer puts it in a different place.  It could be on either of the four sides or half way up.  It may even have a plastic cover over it.

Once you turn the main button off and then on the copier will power up and you may be delighted to find that the code went away.  If the code keeps coming back then you need to place a service call.  Also, don’t confuse the control panel on/off switch (not the main one) with the energy saver button.  They are two different things.

The other thing you can do to get rid of a copy quality problem is clean the slit glass.  Lift up the document feed and you will see a large piece of glass.  That’s not the one we’re interested in.  Look to the left and you will see a long thing piece of glass. That is where the originals make contact with the copier when run through the document feed.  This is where the dirt or white out could be.  A dirty slit glass will affect copies, prints, and scans.

Just take glass cleaner and a rag and clean it like you would your car windshield. Be firm when cleaning it you aren’t going to hurt it.  If this doesn’t get rid of the blemish on the pages then you need to place a service call.

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