Before you buy that super cheap deal off of Craigs List or Ebay find out the age of the copier and current meter reading.  Also find out if all the features work properly.  If you’re not careful you may spend more on repairs than what you paid for the copier.

We get calls from people that buy something so old that parts aren’t being made anymore.  Which also means no one will want to sell a maintenance agreement for it.  With copier service in Austin averaging $100 per hour this must be a consideration.

Another thing to watch out for is being able to print and scan with your computer operating system.  Older copiers won’t have the current drivers;  especially for scanning.  Most people buy copiers today with the expectation of printing and scanning.

If you find yourself in this situation call us and we’ll look up the model and see if parts are still being made and if print/scan drivers are available for your computer operating system.  If you bought it already and want an evaluation call us and we’ll try to help.

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