A lot of the people who call us are trying to save money.  They may of left their original copier vendor because the previous maintenance agreement got too pricey.  We are happy to do work on a ‘break fix’ basis.  However, we can also do a type of hybrid maintenance agreement to make it affordable.

Most maintenance agreements include toner.  We can do a parts and labor maintenance agreement only and you buy the toner.  However, the toner must be an acceptable brand that doesn’t mess up the copy quality.  Each brand of copier is different.  For example, Sharp copiers don’t do well with generic toners.  New models don’t do well with generics either.  A model has to be out for awhile for good generics to start showing up.

When in doubt call us and we can make a recommendation.  Of course, we carry a good line of generics that are a lot cheaper than the OEM toner and won’t mess up the copy quality.  We also know which copier models need to stick with OEM toner.

So a hybrid type maintenance  agreement is one way to lower your cost.  Another way is to include less copies and prints in the maintenance agreement. If you tell a sales rep you make 5000 pages a month that’s where he’s going to set your minimum.  On months when your under that you bought 5000 pages anyway.  On months that you go over the minimum you pay excess copy charges on top of your minimum.  So you loose either way.

If you’re making 5000 pages a month now, set your minimum at a lower amount.  That way if your volume goes down you didn’t pay too much.  Or better yet;  do it our way.  We just stick a lump sum in the maintenance agreement and you can use it up at your own pace.  That way there’s no monthly minimums where you paid for copies you didn’t make and you’re not being penalized on the months where you made more than 5000.  Once you use up the lump sum at your own pace you can renew the maintenance/supply agreement or simply pay the excess copy charges.

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