It always amazes me that businesses don’t call when the vendor doesn’t fix something right   Always ask what the warranty is on the service call.  Most copier service companies offer a 30 day warranty that’s limited to the work they performed.  Old copiers are like old cars meaning there may have multiple problems.  Most people just want the immediate problem fixed such as jamming.

If it starts jamming again after they left call them and ask for a free callback.  The only argument a dealer could offer would be if they left you an estimate clearly stating that they fixed the problem but to fix it properly it needs the following parts.  Most businesses want to try the least expensive option first.

You should get even more aggressive about callbacks if you just spent a lot of money to fix a problem.  We’ve been to places that just spent $500 for a fuser rebuild and are having the same problem.  It’s none of my business but I sometimes wonder why the business didn’t call the copier company and demand a free callback.

I want to finish with one idea that will save you money.  Sometimes when you ask a copier company to fix something they want to replace a bunch of stuff.  If you’re not comfortable with the price just ask how much it would be to fix the immediate problem.  For example, you want the jamming fixed but are unconcerned about the poor copy quality since the copies are mainly for you and not your customer.  That type of attitude should lower your service cost.

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