Less Service Calls with Surge Protectors

One of the best preventive measures for your copier and other important office equipment is the use of a quality surge protector.  Many people confuse the fancy power strip they buy at a store with a true surge protector.  A power strip is not one!  I’ve yet to see a store bought power strip type surge protector be equal to a commercial grade surge protector.


copier repair service austin texasIn the old days it didn’t matter much because copiers were analog and could be very forgiving.  However, today copiers and MFPs are Digital and much more sophisticated.  This means they require steady clean electricity.  A fluctuation in power can throw a code causing you to spend money on a service call.  An actual power surge could wipe out an expensive board.  This isn’t going to change because everything is getting more sophisticated and connected. It’s like cars in the old days when they were simpler and we could even do our own work on them.  Nowadays cars are more electronic and computerized and we can’t do our own work.  Cars today are less forgiving because they are so sophisticated and require that everything run clean.


So the bottom line of this blog is that you should protect your investment in office equipment with a commercial grade surge protector.  Sometimes this can be a little bewildering though because there are so many choices.  For example, I supplied a picture of one of the ones we use, SmartPower.  However, there’s six flavors of it;  15 amp, 20 amp, etc.  Plus some of the pricier ones offer displays which we find unnecessary.


If you ever need advice on which one to pick out call us at 512-947-1734.  Studies have shown that a good surge protector will eliminate one to two service calls over the life of the copier.

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