Surge Protector for Copiers in AustinLast week I talked about the importance of using a surge protector and how it will save you one or two service calls over the life of the copier.  Fluctuations in electricity or surges can confuse the electronics of the copier and throw a Code.  Sometimes you can simply turn the copier off and unplug it and turn it back on and everything resets.  If not, you will need service.  Hopefully, it’s not a board problem.


What to look for in a surge protector.  First make sure it also has ports for the Data Lines which use Cat 5 cables and RJ 45 Cables.  You will also need ports for the fax and phone lines.  I’ve seen copiers in the past that had the copier on a surge but then a lightning storm came through and it was the unprotected fax line that took out an expensive board in the copier.  Anything attached to the copier needs to be surge protected.


Make sure you size the surge protector to the size of the copier.  A smaller copier or printer does not need a real expensive surge protector.  However, a large office copier/MFP does.  If it does 11 x 17 prints you will need the large surge protector.  If the copier doesn’t do 11 x 17 a smaller surge protector should be okay.


If you have any questions about which one is best call us.  We just need to know what model copier you have.

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