A lot of today’s service issues are print or scan related.  In most cases the problem is not caused by the hardware which is your copier/MFP.  A quick way to check this is to reboot your copier/MFP and reboot your PC.  If the problem persists the first phone call should go to your IT person who can remote in and see where the network conflict is.  It could be a corrupted file in the que which needs purged.

Copier RepairLet me define rebooting a copier.  It’s more than heating the on/off button on the control panel.  That’s usually not the real on/off button.  Begin by turning that one off but then turn off the real on/off button which looks like a light switch.  It may inside the cover where the toner goes or it could be on the outside of the copier.

Turn it off at the main switch and wait about ten seconds before turning it back on.  If there’s still a print scan issue after rebooting the MFP and your PC then call your IT person or call us.  We have a lot of experience with those sorts of issues.  Unfortunately, when an IT person is stumped they will often go back to blaming to copier.  70% of the time they are wrong based on our experience.

We go on those calls and we usually end up fixing the problem for the IT person.  Many IT people have limited experience with print scan issues.  Call us if you ever find yourself in that situation.  Also, rebooting can fix other issues as well.  For example, you put originals in the document feed and nothing happens.  That means the copier is confused.  Rebooting will almost always fix that.

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