Fix your current copier instead of trading it in for a new one.  Your current vendor will make this sound risky but it isn’t.  Exercise the lease option at the end of the lease and stop making lease payments.  Then get 3 bids on who can service your particular copier.

We can advise you on whether this option makes sense for you.  We will look at the meter and expected life of the copier vs your current page volume.  We have all these reference materials since we’re in the business.  You would have a hard time getting it on the internet because it’s too complicated.

We also look at your current servicing vendor and we usually know who does a good job.  A few copier companies just band aid a copier hoping it will keep going without costing them a lot of money on the maintenance agreement.  Again, this is something you need to know before deciding whether to upgrade or keep it.

The final area is availability of print/scan drivers for your computer operating systems.  Our IT people can research that for you.  You don’t want to buy a copier that’s too old for current scan drivers once you upgrade from XP.  This can be a problem if someone leased a used copier to begin with.

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