First of all, if you hate the copier it may be the servicing agent.  Try a different company and see if things improve.  If you have a maintenance agreement read the fine print and see when you can get out of it without paying a penalty.

copier serviceIt your copier is having a funky day try turning it off at the main on/off switch.  That’s not the one on the control panel.  Turn that one off first band then look for the main on/off switch which may be inside the front cover or on the outside of the copier about half way down.  Turn it off and wait about 10 seconds before turning it back on.

I would put a commercial grade surge protector on the copier.  Storms and electrical problems are getting extreme.  Stores don’t sell the kind I’m talking about so call us and I’ll suggest a few brands to you.  We carry the SmartPower line which is one of the better ones.  We sell them at a discount.

The final thing is try to stick with the same brand of toner.  If you’ve switched to generic stick with that brand.  You can mix generic with OEM toner but you shouldn’t mix generic with generic.  That can mess us the drum or developer and cost you money.  On new copiers stick with the OEM toner for a few years.  It takes the generic guys a couple of years to come up with one that won’t hurt the copier.  It you have questions on anything mentioned in this blog give us a call.

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