This debate has been going on for years within our copier industry.  The consensus among us wizards is that yes it may eliminate a service call or two someday but not as dramatically as the manufacturers portray.  After all, their job is to sell protection devices.  However, copiers are getting more electronic and it’s an issue.

In the old days cars could run dirty when the engines were simpler.  Now that car engines are much more sophisticated the smallest amount of dirt can create problems.  Copiers are now full of circuit boards and electrical fluctuations can definitely throw codes.  Those cheap power strips you see in a store are usually not good enough for a copier.  Ideally, you want to buy a used copier surge protector since they were expensive at one time;  probably over a $100.

If you are in an older building or know you have inadequate wiring definitely get one.  If you’re unsure have the copier tech put a meter on the line next time they visit.  We do that when a copier seems to be throwing codes to eliminate that as one of the possible culprits.

A good power protection device for a normal size copier will run over a $100.  You probably won’t find one of these in a store.  You can call us for advice on where to get one.  If your copier isn’t worth much don’t worry about it.  However, if it is expensive and also the printer/scanner than it is probably a worthwhile investment.  Again, maybe you  can find a good used one on ebay or Craigs List.

In the meantime you can use some common sense such as don’t have the copier on the same line that the refrigerator or water cooler is plugged into.  Unplug the copier if you hear thunder.  Understand the proper procedure for powering off.  For example, on the Ricohs you turn off the power on the control panel and wait for the blinking light to stop .

Then you know that the Hard Drive is seated and can turn off the main power at the bottom of the copier.  Then unplug.  This procedure should be followed whenever removing an accessory such as a sorter.  Always power if off completely before removing or adding an item.  This happens when people move the copier to a new spot.

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