Many times people call in for service because they are getting lines on the copies or scans.  Here are some tips to save money.  You may have a dirty slit glass and here’s what to do. Is the line just on the copies or does it show up on the prints as well?  If it’s just on copies and scans then you should clean the slit glass.  Lift up the document feed and you will see two pieces of glass.  The first is a large one for book copying.  Not that one!  Look for the long thin pencil shaped glass.  That is the one! The naked eye can not always see the dirt on the slit glass so take the copy with the line and lay it on the big piece of glass face up.  Then follow the line with your eye to the thin slit glass and you’ll see what part of the slit glass needs cleaned.  I say that because people often say they cleaned the slit glass and still have a line. It that’s the case, use glass cleaner and a rag and focus on the area I just mentioned and don’t be afraid to rub.  There’s probably … [Read more...]