A very common service call these days is for scanning issues. However, in most cases the problem is with the network or pc settings or even the email. People don’t like hearing this but is rarely the hardware causing the problem. One quick way to check that is reboot both the copier/MFP and the PC. You need to turn off the main power switch on the copier; not just the on/off button on the control panel. If that doesn’t fix it you should contact your computer or IT person. I realize that may cost you money but they can usually remote in and diagnose the problem and there might not be a charge. You might even have a contract with the person already. Most IT people can diagnose these kind of problems but not all. We have met a variety of competence levels from people who carry the title of “IT”. If they can’t fix it and you call a copier company keep in mind that IT support is outside the scope of a traditional break/fix maintenance agreement which means you’ll get billed anyway. If … [Read more...]


A common problem with copiers is lines or streaks.  In a lot of cases there is a quick and easy fix.  You should clean the ‘slit glass’ before calling service.  Here’s how to do that.   Lift the document feed up and out of the way.  You will see a large sheet of glass which is used for book copying.  This is not the slit glass.  To the side of this will be a long thin sheet of glass.  This is the slit glass!  This is where the originals make contact with the copier when they’re scanned through the document feed and this is where the dirt accumulates, even if you can’t see it with the naked eye.   Get some glass cleaner and a cloth and clean the slit glass really well. In most cases this will eliminate the lines or streaks if you are getting them when scanning.  A good way to confirm this is that streaks don’t show up on prints;  only on scans.   If the lines or streaks are still there call us because a technician will be needed and the cause could be a … [Read more...]