Copier ServiceHere are a few questions when you are calling around for service on your copier or printer.  First, ask when the person can be there and how much the hourly rate is.  You may also discuss partial hours in case the tech is only there fifteen minutes instead of one hour.

Most people ask the above questions.  However, what they don’t ask is, “What is the warranty on the service call?” You should expect 30 days if the call back is related to the previous work and not a totally new problem.  If you have a really old copier the service company may say there is no warranty.  This would be the case on something so old and neglected that fixing one thing may expose other problems.  An example of this would be someone bringing a copier out of storage after a year or two and then wanting it worked on.

Another thing to ask about is labor charges when there is a call back to install a part.  In other words;  if the tech was there 30 minutes to discover the cause of the problem and look up the part numbers and then comes back in two days to install the parts is that one or two labor charges?  You need to clarify that.

If total time for the two calls is one hour we tend to just charge one hour.  However, if the part being installed on the call back is time consuming a longer time may be quoted such as 30 minutes for the initial call being added to 60 minutes on the return visit.  That is normal in our industry.

However, I am aware of some companies that have a high hourly rate so ask before you commit.  The final question I would ask is, “Does the company have experience with this model”.  Many companies work on all brands and that usually works out okay but if you have a large console type copier or a really old one you better make sure you’re dealing with someone with experience on your model.


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