Don’t mix generic toners. A lot of people with used copiers don’t have a maintenance agreement which usually includes toner in the lease. So they go to the internet and buy the cheapest toner available for their model. This is okay but there are a few rules to follow.

First, it is okay to mix a generic toner with the OEM toner inside. If you don’t know what toner is inside then you have a little bit of a problem. The safest thing would be to put an OEM toner in next time. Then after that you can start using a generic toner. Hopefully, it’s a quality generic toner that won’t hurt the print quality. If it does, then you have to place a service call and you didn’t save any money.

copier tonerIf you do find a good generic toner that doesn’t lessen the print quality on your copier than stick with that brand. Different generic brands shouldn’t be mixed.   Hopefully, the person on the internet will identify the brand for you so you don’t take that risk. You also need to know how fresh it is. Surplus toner that sat in hot warehouse for two years may have caked up inside so make sure there’s some kind of return policy if you get some bad stuff.

Finally, not all generic toners are equal in quality. They should be but they are not. Our service department sticks to certain generic brands for certain models. Also, there are some models that should never use generic toner. It’s hard for the end user to know all these details so if you are unsure give us a call and we will try to help.

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