Many businesses are keeping their used copiers at the end of the lease instead of trading them in.  This is because the copiers often still work well and meet their needs.  They figure their only expense will be a maintenance agreement to keep it going especially since it is now five years old and has some wear and tear.


That’s a smart strategy except you may end up paying too much for a maintenance agreement if you get it from the person who originally sold you the copier.  First of all, they aren’t going to be happy that you chose not to upgrade.  After all, that would have locked you in for another five years with a steady stream of service and toner revenue.  Plus you are now going to get used copier rates for a copier that has a lot of copies and prints on the meter.


So before you commit to a maintenance agreement with cancellation penalties call us and make sure you’re getting a fair deal.  Our used copier rates are similar to new copier rates.  Plus I don’t believe in cancellation penalties on maintenance agreements.  I think the vendor has to earn the customers loyalty and if that’s not the case the customer has a right to go with someone else.


I don’t want to imply that your current vendor is going to gouge you.  I’m just saying that if they know they don’t have any competition they may charge you what they would like to charge; especially if you broke protocol and refused the sales rep’s effort to get you into a brand spanking new model at the end of the lease.  In the past, lease upgrades were pretty automatic.  Most people were glad to get something that worked better.  However, copiers today are working better and that’s another reason why you shouldn’t pay to much for service once the lease is up.


If you call us we’ll come out and give you a quote on a maintenance agreement or a rebuild if you plan on keeping it for awhile.  There’s no cost or obligation for us to do this.  All of our techs have over 20 years experience and have experience on most brands.  Thanks to Google Search all service and parts manuals are available to us so we can have the important information to service your copier properly.

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