Will generic toner create a service call?

Here is a little trade secret about generic toners.  They are forward and reverse engineered to be compatible with OEM toner but not somebody else’s generic toner.  So if you have been using OEM toner going to generic will work fine for most models.  If you aren’t sure of which models give us a call.

If you aren’t sure about the type of toner inside your copier put in an OEM toner and then use a generic next time.  Make sure you stick with that  brand.  That’s hard to do with online purchasing because the web is constantly changing on web searches and you may get someone else next time you Google it.

Maybe the safest best is to buy generic toner locally because most copier dealers stick with one supplier because they don’t want to create unnecessary service calls.  We also use top brand generics so feel free to call us.  And yes, our prices are pretty cheap.

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