My how things have changed. In the past a typical copier service call would be

paper jams or bad copy quality. Now, a typical call is, “ it won’t scan!” Just know

that 9 out of 10 times it is the network or email provider creating the problem;

not the copier.


Copier Repair in Austin TexasPeople hate hearing this because if it is the copier there may be a quick fix.

However, if you’ve ever dealt with IT people you know it can get expensive when

they investigate scanning problems. Plus, our experience has been that many IT

people can’t figure it out anyway. I think this is because most IT people are self



Don’t misunderstand that last statement. We’ve met some really good IT

people out there. However, the mediocre ones will blame it on the copier out of

frustration. My techs point out to the IT people or customer that if some people

can scan and others can’t than the problem isn’t the copier since it scans to at

least one person. Sometimes the tech will connect their laptop to check scanning

and show the customer that the hardware scans.


Some people can scan to Folder but not Email and get mad at the copier. Again,

scanning to Folder proves that the copier can scan and the inability to scan

to email isn’t because of the hardware (copier). It involves settings that your

computer or IT person must activate.


I hope this has been helpful. I just wanted to comment on this new reality where

scanning issues have become the dominant problem. It would be like getting

mad at your fax machine when it is the incoming phone line that’s creating the


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