Here’s the first hint; what do you do when your PC acts weird?  The second hint is; what do you do when your cell phone acts up?   And the answer is…………..You turn it off and then On!   Do the same thing with your copier but follow this regimen.   Turn off copier from the control panel. Turn off copier from the main on/off switch which is down below somewhere or inside the front door to the copier. Turn copier on from the main power on/off switch. This will bring everything back to normal unless the copier requires a service technician to clear the code or whatever.  This is also a great way to figure out a scanning problem.  Here is the protocol for that.   Follow the procedure described above for turning the copier off and then on.  Do the same with your PC.  If there is still a scanning issue call a computer or IT person.  It is unlikely that the copier is causing the problem.   Hope this helps.  If not, call us and we … [Read more...]