Warranty on service callAn often overlooked point is the warranty on the service call. Insist on a 30 day warranty. In all fairness, this should be limited to the work that was done. An older copier, like an older car, can have multiple problems. So be clear about what warranty there is on the service call before the tech leaves. If there is confusion, write it out on the invoice.

Most service companies are very honest and will honor callbacks if it truly is their fault. After all, they want a long term relationship. The warranty though gives you some options. For example, some calls are better handled by the manufacturer as opposed to an independent servicing company. A complicated electronic problem would be an example of this.

However, manufacturers are an expensive option and don’t always have prompt service. So another idea would be to simply ask the servicing company if they have a lot of experience on your brand and model number. If they don’t, ask for a referral.

Another red flag is if you are given a really high service estimate. If you don’t know the servicing company well you better get a second estimate. A more experienced tech on your particular model will see all the options including less expensive solutions.

If you are budget minded you should look for a servicing company who is of the same mindset. We often suggest rebuilt parts on really old copiers. We also make customers aware of board exchange options. Replacing a board in a copier is expensive. Doing a board exchange instead usually cuts the bill in half. For advice on any of these matters give us a call.

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